A Pedra e a Espada

Saturday, October 30, 2004


What is That in you that remains as you change ?

Don't be afraid to embrace the ultimate change: there is no "I".

Then, and only then...
will you realize That which you truly are.

that for so long has been clouded
by the illusion
you have been calling

Friday, October 29, 2004

The Hobbbit

The problem with what we call reality is that it keeps changing.Doesn't it ?

Friday, October 22, 2004


Approach me with your Heart.
Quiet your mind for while.

It's not to your reason that I speak.

Listen to my Silence, for it carries the voice of the Unknown.

Too many thoughts cloud the mind.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Code

We all like a good story.

In fact we all like a story where it becomes difficult to say what's fact and what's fiction.

These type of stories are usually prone to be easily ridiculed by the so-called "experts", even if they stand on the very same quicksand they want to attack with their expertise.

The Da Vinci Code is such a story.

It is obvious that part of the story is pure make believe, but some of it's core ideas are part of a Tradition that still exists.

The key to the book, is to read it symbolically and to discard most of it's "historical facts".


Because to accept them, you will have to believe in them as you have no way to verify their validity.

On the other hand, if you follow some of the lines of reasoning in the book you will at first have to face some mind blowing ideas.

In fact you are told that a Man became God.
He had a Consort that he very much loved.
This Consort was a Whore.

The Marriage of the Man-God and His Sacred-Whore gave birth to their offspring.
Whose name is Sophie (Wisdom).

Meditate well on this, and try to have a glimpse of it's real meaning so that Truth may set you free.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Belief is the source of all error.

Do you believe in the Sun or in a tree? Or in the love you feel for your loved one?

Beliefs are the shackles of your own illusions.

That which Is does not demand belief.

It demands that you live It in order that belief may die, so that certainty may enlighten you with its radiance.

To experience is to Live.

To Live is to fulfill one's Nature.

And that's the reason we are all here for, don't you think ?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The world is the mirror that reflects your own image.

If the world looks cruel, void, empty, irrational you should look carefully into yourself and find the source of this perception that you are projecting into the world.

This is why old traditions call the world the "illusion", "samsara" and the like.

You are living in a dream.

Whether it's a nigthmare or a pleasant dream it is ultimately your choice.

To find beauty, equilibrium in the world you must nurture it in yourself.

Therefore if you want to find God in the world, you'll have to give birth to It in yourself.

You'll have to become God.

For there is no division between you and any other thing.

Division is part of illusion.

Unity is not.

Unity is God.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


In shivaism, pleasure is the image of the divine.

No shivaismo, o prazer é a imagem do estado divino, pois quando o divino se manifesta no seu aspecto criador manifesta-se igualmente sob o aspecto de prazer.

O orgão sexual tem então um papel duplo: o papel inferior de procriação e o papel superior através do qual se torna o meio de contacto com o estado divino através do extâse do prazer (ananda).

Alain Daneliou, Le Phallus

Thursday, October 07, 2004

A Grande Obra

Portugal é um país socialista.

Quando digo socialista, refiro-me ao velho socialismo puro e duro que consiste num pressuposto teórico muito claro:

O Estado tem que tomar conta do cidadão.

E para que o Estado possa tomar conta do cidadão, tem que estar presente em todos os lugares e ocasiões onde o cidadão se encontra por forma a garantir de forma paternalista que este último não incorre em qualquer mal fortuito que o prejudique.

É um Estado-Pai cioso das suas crias, que as vê como crianças indefesas incapazes de lidar com inesperado de que a Vida é feita.

O Estado que assim se vê quer estar em todo o lado e condicionar o funcionamento de tudo.

Está presente em todos os sectores da economia através de empresas públicas.
Mantém monopólios nos sectores onde se encontra.
Agita o selo do "Imprimatur" em todos os negócios de relevo que se efectuam sob a sua jurisdição.

Todo o povo tem o Governo que merece porque em democracia é o povo que determina o Governo que quer.