Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

When the time is ripe the Seed will transform itself into a Tree.

One cannot deny the amazing success that the romance The Da Vinci Code has all over the christian world.

Exactly as it happens with any other successfull enterprise, accessory wannabees jump into the scene trying to cashing in their own share. The profusion of auxiliary books are a proof of that.

These people are driven into the spotlight as experts, and digress over the Mysteries of the Grail, Secret Societies, Templars and anything else that can add something to the plot.

It still amazes me the ability of the human being to produce facts from sheer imagination.

Those who really know are dying...
From incontrolable laughter.


Everything is a symbol.
The mind works on symbols.


There is no riddle because you don't know the question.


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