Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Vinde a mim as criancinhas

Dos mails que recebi, e que agradeço, aqui vai um excerpto de um artigo que tiveram a amabilidade de anexar:

"The problem of some Catholic priests sexually molesting children has been known for long time.
The reason the problem did not make the headlines before, is simply because Catholic Church leaders have clung to a policy of secrecy and defensiveness. Whenever a scandal surfaced, Church officials dismissed parents’ complaints, or made a financial settlement and reassigned the offending priest to another parish, while ordering members to be silent.

This policy of secrecy is finally coming to an end. Newsweek reports, “since this crisis exploded in January, accusations against nearly 200 priests have surfaced in 13 states and Washington, D. C. Sylvia Semarest, a Dallas lawyer who has reviewed court filings nationwide, estimates that 1,400 or more priests have been sued in recent years” (Newsweek, April 1, 2002, p. 53).

The problem of child sex-abuse by Catholic priests, is not confined to the USA. Reports are now coming in from several foreign countries where Catholic priests are being sued for their molestation of minors. "

Outros mails colocam a necessidade de desenvolver mais algumas das ideias expostas, o que irá acontecer logo que for possível.


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