Thursday, November 04, 2004


Truth is that which cannot be denied.

A lie, being the denial of Truth, is an illusion. It has no real existence.

Everything that changes is an illusion.
All that exists changes in time, therefore Truth is not there.

That which remains through time unchanged, is Change.

Whatever you think, you can create an opposite thought that denies it.
Therefore Truth is not in your thoughts.

But your thoughts can, paradoxically, lead you towards Truth.
You do it when you use them to understand the Laws of Nature.

And that is called Science.

The issue is: How do you go about to find Truth in yourself.
To find it in your Heart.

When you find It in yourself, you will find That which remains.
That which is not bounded by Time.
That which is not an illusion.
That which you cannot deny.

Your Self.


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